When a photo of Syed Saddiq, leaning on his car while filling up petrol in a Petronas station made rounds on social media, many hopped on their keyboards and condemn the usage of his team’s smartphone for taking the aforementioned picture.

This isn’t the first time someone’s being criticized for using their phone while the nozzle’s in the petrol tank, but it was certainly unusual when Petronas themselves had something to say about the picture.

“Thank you for visiting our Petronas petrol station”
“However. Safety is still a priority.
Don’t use mobile phones near the fuel pump, ya.
Thanks to those who were concerned.”

This post of course, blew up Petronas’ twitter page with comments and memes, even someone hoping Syed Saddiq would reach his destination without any hiccup such as petrol being mixed with water, taking a jab at Petronas for the blunder earlier this month at one of their petrol station.

Syed Saddiq’s team did respond later on, claiming that the picture was taken using a camera and not a phone.


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