When mobile phones first came out, it was these huge 1KG monstrosity, lugged around by our fathers. Then it got smaller and more colorful and filled to the brim with features such as polyphonic ringtones, GPRS, mp3 players and an abundance of accessories.

We kids were starting to warm up to the concept of owning one for ourselves but not any phone could cut it. There were some phones we wanted more than the usual cookie cutter ones. This was the pre-smartphone era. So, iPong all takda.

1. Nokia 7610

Better known as the Nokia “Daun”.

2. Motorola Razr V3

Razr V3 is still the sexiest phone to have ever been released by a manufacturer. 

3. Nokia 6600

Also was called the Nokia “Sabun” for its soap-like look.

4. Sony Ericsson K800i

Sony Ericsson’s cybershot series was the bomb as they possessed the best camera modules and its superior photo quality. 5 megapixel cameras were a big deal back then.

5. Motorola SLVR L7

6. Nokia Communicator

Only rich kids owned these.

7. Nokia Xpress Music

Twist for music? Yes, please!

8. Nokia 3650

Nokia designers were on some quality kush when they came up with this.

9. Nokia Ngage QD

Gamers wanted this phone so badly!

10. LG Chocolate

11. Sony Ericsson W910i

Remember paying RM 10 to the leng chai at the phone shop to fill up the phone with songs?

12. Nokia N90

They used to air Nokia ads back then, and this ad blew our minds! Turn, twist and voila! Camera!

Phones back then weren’t the technological marvel it is today, but each model had its own personality.


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