A corpse, believed to be of a woman, was found in a drain along Jalan Besar Behrang Ulu to Proton City Tanjung Malim yesterday.

District Police Chief, Wan Kamarul Azran Wan Yusof, said they received information regarding the discovery of the deceased at 4.32PM.

“The corpse, found lying on her belly, was believed to be dead for more than 10 days according to the rate of decomposition.”

Judging by the clothes, police could quickly deduced that the corpse was of a female’s. She was wearing a red blouse with floral patterns on its sleeves and black colored pants with white stripes. The victim’s age is believed to be in between 16 to 30.

However, the identity still remains a mystery as there weren’t any ID proof found near or on the corpse. The body is brought to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun (HRPB), Ipoh for postmortem.

The police also found a bottle of bleach 36 meters away from the scene of discovery and its cap at 30 meters away. The bottle was taken by the forensic unit to find any trace of fingerprints.

The scene is far away from residential areas and extremely dark at night, which could be the reason it took so long to even notice the victim’s corpse.


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