Polish swimming coach Bart Kizierowski was offered a lucrative deal to coach the Malaysian swimming team, which he accepted at first. Bart was supposed to arrive in Kuala Lumpur after Chinese New year and take on his role as Head Coach.

He then decided to reject the offer after the Malaysian government decided to ban Israeli athletes from entering the country to participate in the World Para Swimming Championships held in Sarawak.

“I was offered a very attractive coaching position from the Malaysian Swimming Federation.

“Among other personal reasons, I declined that function due to recent statements made by Malaysian politicians regarding refusal of visa for athletes that are supposed to compete at the World Championships organized by that country. There is no place for that in sport.

“I also want to thank the swimming community in Malaysia that showed me trust and gave me that opportunity,” said the 41-year-old, a former World Championships medallist in the men’s 50m freestyle for Poland.

His Facebook profile then was ‘attacked’ by Malaysian netizens who were not happy on the basis of his rejection as he sounds like he supports Israel and couldn’t sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians.

Bart has since deleted his original post about rejecting the offer but is still being bombarded with comments and criticism which will probably last until the next controversy surfaces.


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