Malaysian parents are savages when it comes to questioning. There’s never a subtle way for them when asking us about ANYTHING. Most of us know the stress we go through during the “Malaysian Parents” brand of questions.

1) You think money grow on tree ah??

We all think about this, but we’ll never say it. Consequences!!

2) Why you keep finishing the food around the house? You already so fat!

Don’t talk to me when i’m eating, please.

3) How come I never see you studying?

4) When is your exam?

Why did you bring that up? We were having such a great time..

5) Why you come home so late?


6) Why you always hang out with that boy/girl?

Always telling us who not be friends with..

7) You always lock your room, what you’re doing inside?

Errrr.. homework..

8) Loudly in a mall, “eh, you wanna buy new underwear or not?”

*hoping the ground would open up and swallow us*

9) Always on the phone! With your BF/GF ah?

Yes! But we’re never gonna tell you..

10) One thing they will never ask if we have enough money.

For some reason they’ll always think we have cash on us, even when we don’t have jobs.


Even after saying all this, we still love them for watching our back in their own twisted ways.

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