1. Oh, she’s a bit on the dark side ah…?

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Yes, and the force is strong with this one.

2. Does she have a boyfriend yet? (Cue: sorry face and pitiful voice)

Yes, as a matter of fact I do have a boyfriend who knows not to define a girl by the color of her skin. In fact, I’m pretty sure he finds my color sexy.

3. Have you tried this new whitening cream that’s on TV now? It could work on you, you know..

Or not. I don’t care. I’m at peace with my skin color.

4. You know my husband’s sister’s daughter used to be dark. And then she tried this cream. Now she’s so pretty..

Really, I feel sorry for this woman who bases her self-worth on something superficial like skin color.

5. Too bad you can never wear shorts or sleeveless..

Erm, what?

6. Were you out in the sun again??

I guess. The sun is always there whether I like it or not.

7. How come you’re darker than you were yesterday?

I don’t know, maybe because you forgot to put me in the washing machine and then sandpaper-dry me

8. Aren’t you worried about your daughter? She’s reaching the wedding age (whatever that means) and her skin is still dark.

I’d rather not get married and embrace the old-maid life if getting married means I have to change who inherently am

9. Haiyoh, what will your boyfriend feel when he’s introducing you to his mother?

Don’t worry, you’re not his mother.

And I saved the worst for last..

10. Eh, how come suddenly your skin looks lighter? So pretty now! Stay like this okay?

I don’t know, perhaps I mostly stayed indoors last week. Wait, what? I can’t even…

To all the dark skinned girls out there (whether you’re Indian or not), I urge you to please get out of this only-light-skin-is-pretty trap. I know this is the 21st century and everything, but the amount of people flocking at stores looking for skin lightening/whitening products is still too damn high.

Let’s break this stereotype together.

Stop letting Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood brainwash you into thinking you’re worthless and won’t go far in life. Don’t put up with this and encourage this shallow mentality. After all, you were born this way. Embrace your dark skin color, it’s unusual, different and exotic. Why would you want to blend in when you can stand out?

Take it from Supermodel Tyra Banks: BE FIERCE!!!!

Written By: Gowri Krishnan


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