1. Most Malaysians think we tall people play basketball..Seriously!?

2. Hugging someone short feels awkward and at the same time getting hugs from      small kids are also weird. That’s because when a kid hug us, his/her face will        be on the wrong part of our body

3. We will get the best view in the cinema no matter where we sit, however, not        the person at the back of us

4. When it comes to group photos..you can always find us at the last row

  1. Travelling using AirAsia or sitting in the backseat of a small car is not something easy for us

6. Speaking of backseats, we don’t mean to block your view from the rear view mirror


  1. The image below explains how we feel like if we are driving a Perodua Kancil


  1. At times people think that we are the oldest among our siblings just because we are tall

9. But in the end..we love it when people admire our height


  1. And we always feel like a super hero to the rescue when we help someone to reach something from a high position


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