A Singaporean man will be spending a week in jail for the weirdest reason we’ve heard in a while, smearing his own feaces on a woman’s face.

The assailant, Mohamad Razli Abdul Razak, 28, got acquainted with his co-worker, Norlinah Yunos, 49, on Mei 2017.  Norlinah works in packaging and cleaning at the same company as Razli.

Razli, drawn to Norlinah, kept making advances but kept getting rejected as she was not interested in him.

Outraged by the rejection, Razli made a weird decision to take his own feaces and putting it in a plastic bag before finally smearing it on Norlinah’s face when she was at work on June 2017.

Razli, without any legal representation, pled guilty to his crime. The court sentenced him to a week in prison on Thursday.


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