Mohd Suhaimi bin Saad is a Malaysian Nasyid singer formally a member of In-Team, have different ideas from the rest of us normal human beings. He’s special.

This isn’t his first controversial idea as he previously gained public attention when he decided to not vaccinate his kids and gave “reasons” on why he made that decision.

And in the same post, he expressed that his children do not need to go to school to be clever or to get a good job.

This time he went one step ahead and openly challenged the one and only Sheikh Muszaphar Syukur, a Malaysian astronaut, to swear that the earth is indeed spherical and not flat.

If Muszaphar did swear, Suhaimi promised to stop his ‘research’ and preach to the flat-earth community that the earth is actually round.

He also says that the non-believers of his radical ideas are haters and are the enemies of Islam.


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