Heineken and Carlsberg Malaysia have plans to raise the cost of beers sold here in our country, between 0% to 5% for Heineken and 3% to 6.2% for Carlsberg respectively in April 2019.

They’ve blamed the rise of raw global material for production and packaging of beers for this unexpected price hike.

“The decision to adjust prices is made after careful consideration of various factors, primarily due to the significant increase in costs of raw materials and packaging materials, resulting from the rise of global commodity prices,” Heineken managing director Roland Bala.

According to its new price list, Heineken has raised the prices of its products between 0% and 5%, while Carlsberg has increased its prices by 3% to 6.2%.

With the Sugar Tax around the corner, even Heineken’s non-alcoholic drink, Malta, could face an increase in price as much as 12%, in July 2019.


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