Calling out HYPE LOCKER ( located in Major Drop Sunway pyramid, Local lab Penang).

After playing several sessions over a couple of weeks, I managed to win the Supreme x LV PPM from the Hype Locker Machine in Major Drop Sunway.

The shop acknowledged the win, and I filled in details and they posted up photos on social media.

Unfortunately, after a closer look, it is clear that the item is fake. Done a legit check on Hype culture and few other pages, and they confirmed that what I won from the machine is nothing like the authentic item.

The thing is I’ve tried to settle with good terms but unfortunately Hype Locker is only willing to settle for just a refund and free play. Is that fair??

If they’re going to refund, please also refund other players that have tried to win that LV x Supreme bag. Just so you know, one try at the machine is rm20.

People are willing to pay that amount in the hope to win authentic items, not fake! I’ve attached the conversation between Hype Locker and me.

They claim that the bag is consignor’s bag and will find out from the consignor. They come back to me days later and claim that consignor confirm it’s authentic.

When I told them that the bag is not legit, they tried to push their issue back to me and ask me to understand that they themselves got cheated by consignor and they’ve paid a hefty deposit to the consignor.

Now, my point is, it’s your problem with your consignor and it is not my issue. I won a bag according to the rules and based on the fact that is resell value at 15-20k, I am expected to settle with just refund and free play?

How do I know other sneakers in the machine are legit? When dealing with street wear in a proper outlet, there has to be trust that every item they are stocking is authentic, whether on the shelves or in game machines or anywhere else.

The liability is on the store, the machine vendor and the suppliers to ensure that these items are 100% legit, especially since fakes are so readily available. People pay a premium for authenticity and any breach of this is a criminal breach of trust.

After pushing for a settlement after weeks they finally admitted that they didn’t even check the item before they place it into the machine .(what a joke ! who would believe you bought a bag that is highly sought after and high value without checking the bag ?)
I urge people that participate in playing to stand up for your rights for refund as well !!

Attached some screen shot of the conversation between Hype Locker and me:- 

And a note to HYPE LOCKER you are a DISGRACE to the industry and please you have done damage not only to your own brand name but to others that is working with you.

Seng Yong Loh


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