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Featured image via Funntaste

Restaurants workers are told by their bosses to treat customers politely and with respect, which they often do.

But do restaurant owners respect their own workers as human beings? We rarely think about it as it happens behind closed doors.

Out of sight, out mind, amirite?

This Malaysian woman claims that a popular restaurant have mistreated her friend, a foreigner who works at the restaurant. Here’s her story:-

I don’t usually write long ass rants but I think this deserves to be spoken for. This is regarding THE FISH BOWL at Sunway opposite SUNWAY UNIVERSITY.

Usually people complain about the safety of their food as i’ve seen in the past but this rant is regarding their extreme violation of HUMAN and LABOUR RIGHTS.

People complain about the safety of their food as i’ve seen in the past but this rant is regarding their extreme violation of HUMAN and LABOUR RIGHTS.

So a friend of mine who is international used to work at Fish Bowl in Sunway opposite Sunway University, before resigning. He still had rm700 worth of work due to be paid to him.

He had borrowed rm200 from the company leaving the debt to rm500. Before resigning he was staying at the company’s hostel and had to break a lock on the door because he was locked inside without a key.

He honestly and sincerely reported it to the management even going as far as to take pictures of the broken lock and sending it to them, asking them to deduct it from his salary. 

So remember he has rm500, and also remember the broken lock.

So payday comes, and he politely and respectfully messages his manager asking when he can come and collect his salary.

To much amazement, the manager quite rudely tells him he WONT BE GETTING his salary because they had to hire a LAWYER for this BROKEN LOCK issue. 

So he wasn’t getting his salary because they had to pay a lawyer to fix the broken lock ? 

Does that make sense ? I think not.

When my friend replies asking why is a lawyer needed to fix a broken lock, the manager as rude as can be sends a hostile message saying to meet him at FISHBOWL and show him how tough he is. 

That’s plain unprofessional and quite frankly, uncivilised. 

So my friend seeks my help to accompany him to meet this manager hoping that we could come to a civil and polite agreement.

Boy was I WRONG! 

We get to FISHBOWL, that the manager is flat out rude and offensive to us, and acting extremely unproffessional. I ask him “ actually what is the reason you don’t want to give my friend his salary?”

His excuse now changes fron having to PAY LEGAL fees to now being that THEY are HOLDING his money because THEY HAVEN’T FIXED the broken lock yet.

So which is it ? Legal fees or you haven’t fixed the lock? I’m confused.

The manager then forces us to talk in the office. Fine we go.

Once we get to the office, the OWNER of FISHBOWL downright insults us as do her higher management staff.

They kept insulting my friend calling him UNEDUCATED and insulting him in CHINESE in the office. The excuse has now gone FROM LEGAL FEES to HAVEN’T FIXED THE LOCK to now THAT HE STOLE SOMETHING IN HIS HOSTEL ROOM !!!

Do you even know what exactly it is that you’re talking about ??

They wouldn’t even let me defend him saying the office is not a place for all this and that we should have settled this in the restaurant.

Excuse me miss whatever your name is, YOUR MANAGER forced us to come to the office instead of settling it in the restaurant as what you are saying.

What is this ?

They then kick us out and only allow my friend to stay. If only you could hear the amount of insults they were throwing at my friend, you’d be DISGUSTED.

They locked us out of the office so that WE WON’T HEAR THE INSULTS but I HEARD them CLEARLY. I’ve NEVER in my life hear someone insult another person that many times in my life than in that 1 hour they were SHOUTING at my friend !!! 

Higher management ! Shouting out insults to a former staff all because of a broken lock !!!!!

I couldn’t handle the way they were treating him so i banged on the door and demand they let him go and just leave.

And surprise surprise, they started insulting me as well ! Hahahaha

The reason behind this rant is that FOREIGNERS are constantly being disrespected and taken advantage off all because we Malaysians think we have some power over them.

Of course NOT ALL Malaysians are like this, but I’m so shocked that the select few are greedy and hungry for power to this extent. Please treat others with respect no matter what the situation is. Plain and simple.

And just a word of advice to whoever PLANS ON WORKING FOR FISHBOWL. DON’T ACCIDENTLY BREAK ANYTHING!!! Because if you do, you’ll never see you hard earned salary ever again.


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