Remember the egg that got catapulted to internet fame after receiving a whopping 52 million likes on Instagram? There’s a story behind the image posted by ‘world_record_egg’.

Since it’s upload on the 4th of January this year, the follow up pictures of the egg are seen with little cracks forming on top of it.

“Flaws make you real❣️”, was the caption for the second photo posted by that account. Gradually the cracks were more pronounced in the following images.

3 days ago, the account teased something about ‘the wait being over‘ in its post of the egg resembling an American football.

In yesterday’s Superbowl, America’s biggest sporting event, it was revealed that all this was creative campaign to bring awareness to the public about mental health.

It highlights the struggles and pressure people face on social media.

#talkingegg began trending and it got people talking about something we as a society often look over. Mental health is real, people.

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