For many of us we would want to start working as soon as possible. We always think that life would be better once we start working. But there some things we will only realize once we start working and it’s not all hunky dory after all.

1. You realize that most of the things you do in work has nothing to do with whatever you have learnt in College/University

2. Most of you get a job that’s not related with your degree


3. You find out that the world is cruel

4. Speaking about cruel world, RM2,500 salary is not enough

5. Tax hurts your heart

6. You buy a car to get to work. You go to work to pay for your car

7. Your life is based on a schedule

·         7AM – 8.30AM Stuck in traffic jam
·         9AM – 5PM Work
·         5.30PM – 7PM Stuck in traffic jam
·         8PM – Shower & Dinner
·         9PM – 10PM Watch TV or Surf the net
·         10.30PM – Sleep

8. The circle of friends you have gets smaller and it stays that way because your life revolves around your colleague, family and some very close friends of yours only

9. You will value public holidays more

10. The older you get in your working life, the more debts you get into

·         Student loan
·         Car loan
·         Housing loan
·         Credit cards

11. Speaking about debts, money is all you think about

12. In conclusion, enjoy your college life while you still can


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