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It’s that time of the year again, New Year’s eve. Some of you out there maybe didn’t have the time or the chance to plan something for that day. Well, here are some ideas to usher in 2019.

1. Countdown

Well, every year places like Sunway Pyramid and KLCC hosts fireworks when the clock strikes 12 on the 1st of Jan. You could bring your family there and have a little picnic while enjoying the colorful sky on the eve on 2019. Some clean wholesome fun for all ages.

2. Family Gathering

It marks the end of yet another year and the family always finds a reason to have a little meet session to know the whos and whats thats going on in each others lives. If you love your ‘kepoh’ family and a ‘kepoh’ yourself, this setting would be perfect for you.

3. Drinks with Buddies

A cold one with the boys/girls, you can always count on your buds to spice up your night. A little gather-gathering at one your places with some drinks and party games or even a Lord Of The Ring marathon leading up to the New Year.Time to create even more great memories to be created with your friends.

4. Netflix and Chill

If you’re an introvert and people aren’t your thing, this is for you. It’ll be the best time to slip into something comfortable or nothing at all, who’s there to judge anyways and start binging on reruns of your favorite shows, or be adventurous and try watching new ones.

5. Start Lying To Yourself

It’s the beginning of a New Year, you hear fireworks in the background while you start convincing yourself about how this is year is your year. This year, you will lose that pesky belly fat. This year, you will save up money to travel to your dream destination. Deep down, you know it’s not going to happen but at that moment the rush of dopamine surging through your system as you “reward” yourself with false promises and the inevitable disappointment.

However you choose to celebrate, make sure to stay safe and have a great time doing what you do.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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