Social behaviors are influenced by culture and surroundings, Western culture have their ‘thing’ and in the Eastern culture have our own ‘thing’.

Let’s take a look at some of these stereotypical examples that differentiates us from our Western counterparts.

1. Greeting Strangers

If someone says hi to you in public you would get scared. ”Is this guy trying to rob me?”. Some will say, ”What a creep, I don’t even know him”

2. Not giving a damn about PDA (Public Display of Affection)

The moment when we see someone kissing in public, we say ”Haram” or ”Get a room”

3. Holding the door for someone

”You got hands what, why must I open for you”

4. Throwing trash into the dustbin

Malaysians: The world is our dustbin

5. Talking to your children about sex

”He will find out himself when he’s married”

6. Following escalator etiquettes

Standing on the left side and people who are rushing could use the right side

7. Giving a friendly hug to friends of the opposite sex

“I hope that Aunty don’t tell my mother that I hugged a girl” or in some cases, ”Hope I don’t get an erection”

8. Minding your own business

We always need to know what other people are doing

9. Giving way to the ambulance/fire brigade

Some a**hole will be tailgating because they clear the traffic

10. Complying with zebra crossing rules

”Need to use lines to cross the road ah?”

11. Not using the pedestrian bridge to cross the road

”For what use the pedestrian bridge, need to walk up so many stairs, tired la”

12. Not staring at women/foreginers

”Waaahh Mat-Salleh so handsome”

13. Not being judgemental about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs)

”Kau ni memang macam pondan la”

14. Not judging someone based on their profession

”Wah you know ah, he’s a Dato. Sure rich one”

15. Impatient honking

”See the driver, sure lady driver”

16. Following basic movie hall eitiquettes

When you are in the cinema just STFU!!!. We pay for the movie not for your performance.


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