The habit of “asking what we dont work for” is entrenching deeper among our youth.

In fact this is not something suprising as it merely reflects the very culture that Malaysian society practices at large.

Our productivity and output per capita, notwithstanding our subjectively perceived “own hardworkingness” is still far behind the world’s benchmark. We dont produce as much output as the countries we are benchmarking against, and yet demand every thing that their government provides.

We further justify this skewed sense of self-entitlement by nothing more than accusation of Government corruption and mismanagement, all without looking at our own input where productivity is concerned.

Perhaps we are too used to “blaming” and “asking” that we have lost in totality the ability to look inwards into ourselves.

Do you seriously think your productivity level to the economy is good enough to account for what you are receiving already?

Does an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor in Singapore, Hong Kong (Insert any country you want our country to become like) who works like how you work, with your same level of output/productivity, gets what you are getting there?

Reflection is needed, before we head on to a point of no return, in overestimating our contribution in productivity.

Tai Zee Kin


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