You can order a plate of briyani rice or tomato rice for just RM0.10 at an eatery in Jalan Pondok Upeh, Penang.

A plate of plain briyani usually costs RM3, tomato rice (RM2), and with rice (RM1.50) at a regular nasi kandar outlets.

The eatery also has many drink choices to choose from such as coffee, tea and syrup also served at the same price of 10 sen for those who dine at Baen Cafe.

The business owner, Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, 37, said most of his customers could easily enjoy a complete meal of rice, dishes and a drink for below RM5

“I believe people dining out deserve to have a satisfactory meal just as they do at home.

“So my wish is that they would never feel burdened when it comes to paying for a fairly decent meal,” he said yesterday.

He said, chicken pieces are priced at RM3.50 each, torpedo scad (cencaru) fish (RM3 each) and barramundi (siakap) fish head curry (RM5 each).

Ibrahim receives about 400 customers daily at his cafe, which opens from 9am to 4pm.

“Most of my customers are low-income working adults and college students, and my cafe is usually packed at lunch time.

“Two barrels of briyani rice and tomato rice are prepared daily, which can cater for about 180 customers, and if we run out of rice, I will quickly cook more white rice,” he added.

Ibrahim said he inherited the business from his father 15 years ago.

He said he was trading from a stall nearby before moving to the current site in May last year.

“For three years before I shifted here, I used to provide the rice for free.

“But many customers felt shy and uneasy about not needing to pay for it, so I came up with the nominal 10 sen per plate of rice,” he added.


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