Woman gained online popularity after a video of her licking and eating different types of soap while providing commentary on its taste as she’s consuming it, like how a food reviewer normally does.

Khosik Assyifa, a 21-year-old from East Java, has a following of 5,635 on her Instagram account but gets hundreds of thousands of views on each of her “soap videos”.

In her videos, she can be seen having a whale of a time enjoying her favorite snack similar to a child eating an ice cream. Messy, yet people can’t get enough of her unique act.

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Enak banget 👍👍👍

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Khosik began craving for soap when she was carrying her eldest child in her womb two years ago.

“At first I ate soaps which had a fruity scent to them and immediately liked how it tasted. However, I was shy to tell this to my husband, until my video went viral on social media.”

According to her, she has not once fallen sick due to this habit.


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