Most of us Malaysians went to government high schools growing up. During recess, we all stood in long queues in our canteens, eagerly waiting for our turn to buy something to eat.

We chowed down on whatever we could get our hands on, inside and outside of the school compound. Regardless of how unhealthy some foods are because we were just kids, we don’t know any better.

Keropok Lekor

These beauties comes in two form, both adored by the masses.

Processed Meat

This includes nuggets, burgers, hot dog and many frozen items which are just remains of a dead animal ground up into a thick paste and shaped into our preferred food. Does that even remotely sound healthy? Tepuk dade, tanye selera.

French Fries

Ahhhh… ye ole french fries.. Containing an astounding level of fat and grease, this delicacy will always find its way into our tummy. Some even smuggle these in their pants pocket and eat it during class after recess.


We stuff ourselves with all the candies we could find and then shake in our boots when it’s time for the dentist to check out teeth.

Deep fried food

Deep fried food like chicken, popiah and karipap are okay once in a while, but we know someone who only eats fried food for breakfast/lunch.

Sate ikan

There’s always an uncle with his portable sate grill on a bike outside our skewl, preferably near the bus stop. He’s so confident about his product, that he’ll be preparing a batch right before the bell rang.



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