Back in the days, we always have at least two gangs in our school, who hate the sight of one another. These ‘warriors’ would start a fight for the smallest issue and cause a mini riot.

During ‘battles’, these fellas would reach for anything nearby and use it as weapon in order to level up.

These are some of the so-called weapons usually used by students in school in case of a fight.

Warning: Extreme puns coming your way.

1. Class chairs – for resting and whooping asses

2. Penyapu – to clean injustices on the kaki lima, na’ mean?

3. Penyodok – to scoop said injustices from the kaki lima

4. Waste paper basket- time to take the trash out

5. School Bags – at least the bag is useful for something, amirite?

6. That 1-meter ruler – everyone’s worthy of yielding THIS weapon

7. Water bottle – usually from the kids who goes to the toilet too many times

8. Kaki – tony jaa fans knows what’s up

9. Belts – applying what they kena from their father unto others


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