You’re out of school and into the workforce. Next step, buying a car, right? But you’re confused, whether you should get a second-hand car or a brand new one. Here are some tips on why getting a second-hand car could be better for you in the long run.

1. Noob

You are new to the driving scene and you’re bound to make mistakes when you’re on the road like making sharp turns or reversing into a cone or worst, into a lamp post. It wouldn’t hurt you as much.

2. Chance to learn about car parts

Well, when you purchase a second-hand car, usually it’ll start giving you a little bit of headache as it is an old car. Things like your drive belt squeals as soon as you turn on your A/C or your brakes makes that annoying screeching sound when you come to a stop.

Both signaling you need to change them ASAP. But this is when you actually get to know your car as you would ask around and gain some knowledge about the odd sounds your car’s making.

3. Dealing with mechanics

This might sound like a bit of a stereotype but mechanics are known to rip people off if given the chance. So, when you roll into a mechanic shop with a certain problem, judging by your car, the mechanic wouldn’t think you have too much to spend anyways.

They will only fix what’s needed and send you off until the next victim comes along. Also, if you’re nice enough, you can be friends with them and would honest with you in the future when you purchase a brand new car.

4. No more sitting at the service center for hours

When you first get a new car, it does come with a 5-year-warranty or a few thousand kilometers warranty in most cases. So, the company you purchased the car from, would want you to come to their service centers and perform your annual maintenance or fix anything that’s broken for 5 years or until your given mileage is up.

This can take upwards of 3 hours to be completed, from handing your keys at the counter to ready-to-drive-home status. With a second-hand car, you can walk into any workshop at any time. No odd-hours appointment needed.

5. Online forum data

If you’re the type of person who’s into modifying cars, you can easily find online forums that provide the “do’s and the don’ts” of your car’s model compared to a newer model car. One way to save money on aftermarket parts is asking the members of the forum to recommend shops that sells it for a reasonable price.

6. Last but not least, MONEY

You’ll be saving quite a bit when you purchase a second-hand car compared to brand new one. If you’re looking to buy a car after landing your first job, you’re probably short on cash and this could help you get by easier with minimal monthly installments.


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