National Anti-drug Agency, Chief Director Datuk Seri Zulkifli Abdullah said there’s room in the country’s law that allows the cultivation of marijuana plants with special permission and approved by the Health Ministry.

He also brought up an article about a Malaysian couple and their friend in the UK producing cannabis oil, and hope the same could be done here in Malaysia.

“If we take a look at the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1952, marijuana plants could be used for medicinal purposes..because of that, it’s important to get approval from the Health Ministry prior to cultivating the plant for medical usage.”

Zulkifli added, “if cannabis is known for its healing ability, the authorities should look into it and provide proper guidelines when growing marijuana plants that’s in accordance with the law.”

“These plants can’t be grown everywhere. So, we need to control it as much as we can, even some other countries already have a planting activity such as this.”

“Maybe one day, if Malaysia have that substance, we could become legal exporters.”

“That is why it’s important, if marijuana is indeed a medicine, the Health Ministry should confirm this as they are the ones with the authority.


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